Sitemap - 2023 - Robert Whiting's Japan

Signing Yoshinobu Yamamoto to huge contract could be a risky bet for Los Angeles Dodgers

Taibatsu considered part of Japanese culture by many who experienced it

Hazing has a long history in Japanese sports

'Screening Enlightenment' an excellent work on how Japan became a key market for Hollywood

Set for release in May 2024 …

Superstar comparison: Shohei Ohtani and Joe DiMaggio

Shohei Ohtani to join Dodgers in record deal as intense pursuit of superstar comes to an end

Time Machine: U.S. interest in Japanese baseball coincided with peak of Japan's economic bubble

‘The Chrysanthemum and the Bat’ - Chapter 1

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Time Machine: Taking a look at ‘The Sportsworld of the Hanshin Tigers’

Short trailer for documentary on Robert Whiting

Shohei Ohtani's popularity in the U.S. continues to soar

Time Machine: Nick Zappetti talks about the early years in Japan - Part 2

Robert Whiting's Japan Podcast - Nov. 17 (New)

'U.S.-Japan Baseball Diplomacy Project' examines connection sport helped create

Time Machine: Nick Zappetti talks about the early years in Japan

Coming out in Spring 2024 …

Time Machine: 2009 interview with FCCJ's No. 1 Shimbun

Desperation forced Ogawa to commit murder

Red alert: Intervention by international preservation body buoys campaign to halt Jingu Gaien redevelopment

Ex-Marines pitcher Serafini joins infamous list with arrest for murder

Time Machine: Bump Wills and Hankyu never meshed

Time Machine: Trump, Biden both exaggerated athletic prowess

Save Jingu Gaien video

Time Machine: Kikuchi caved in to pressure, paid a price for it

Time Machine: Gaijin Kantoku era over

Time Machine: Is a home run better than sex?

Ohtani should switch from starter to closer

Brooks Robinson was king of the ‘Hot Corner’

Time Machine: Resurrection of Colby Lewis in Japan an interesting case study

Time Machine: Godzilla vs. the Americas

Guessing game on Shohei Ohtani’s landing spot intensifies as free agency nears

Time Machine: Language lesson

Bob’s Bullets - Forecasting Shohei Ohtani’s future not so easy

Charlie Manuel, a star in Japan and an American original, fighting for his life in hospital

Time Machine: The Kiyohara problem

Baseball's long association with chewing tobacco continues despite the risks

ICOMOS issues urgent 'Heritage Alert' to save Jingu Gaien from planned redevelopment

Time Machine: Translation a fine art not easily mastered

Time Machine: How a talented female TV journalist was forced out for asking tough questions

Time Machine: Godzilla and Donald Trump

Robert Whiting's Japan Podcast - Sept. 3 (New)

RIP George Rose, translator for Hideki Irabu, and former New York Yankees executive

Unfortunate injury could impact value of Shohei Ohtani's contract in free agency

Time Machine: How Yomiuri Giants manager Tatsunori Hara became a victim of blackmail

Time Machine: Why baseball is a hit in Japan

Examining the 10,000-hour rule for success as it applies to baseball in the U.S. and Japan

Time Machine: 'You Gotta Have Wa' - Excerpt

Bob's Bullets - Ohtani could get $800 million on free agent market

The Book of Nomo - Epilogue

Bob's Bullets - Catching up with Tokyo friends of years past, Ohtani talk, interesting books

Japan's annual rite of summer: Koshien baseball tournament

Op-ed in favor of Jingu Gaien redevelopment lacks veracity

Time Machine: Ichiro or Pete - Who was the better player?

Time Machine: Mental health challenges have impacted MLB, NPB for decades

Controversial pitcher Trevor Bauer has found a home in Japan

Time Machine: Changing Values in Japanese Etiquette

Bob's Bullets - Update on ice hockey, Trevor Bauer, Yakult Swallows, Jingu Redevelopment

Time Machine: Cracks appear in the relationship between Matsuzaka and the Red Sox

Time Machine: The evolution of ice hockey in Japan

Time Machine: Konishiki guts out tough times

'Crazy' Wright had a tough time adjusting to Japanese baseball

Revisiting 'The Gaijin Ten Commandments' in the wake of the Trevor Bauer incident

Shohei Ohtani's dominance defies belief

Long forgotten manuscript reveals challenges foreign players face to succeed in Japan

'Samurai Way of Baseball' - Chapter 7 - Gaijin (Part 2)

'Samurai Way of Baseball' - Chapter 7 - Gaijin

Yoshida defying odds with success in MLB

‘You Gotta Have Wa’ makes SABR’s 50 at 50 list

Baseball, LGBTQ+ and Japan

Book of Nomo - Chapter 11 - Nomo and the Hall of Fame

Little chance WOKE movement happens in Japan

Being a baseball writer is not all glory

Bob's Bullets - Kishida's son certain to return despite recent ouster

Nikkei Asia - Editorial: Showcasing Japanese baseball requires saving Meiji Jingu stadium

Robert Whiting's Japan Podcast - June 2 (New)

Bob's Bullets - 'Kill Me' series a blast from the past

Cases similar to Lions star Yamakawa's resulted in settlements, not jail time

My list of classic books on Japan from the 20th century

Jim Brown was a gifted and complex man

Japan deserves praise after hosting G7 Summit

Bob's Bullets - Destruction of Jingu underway despite ongoing court case

The Book of Nomo - Chapter 10 - Whither NPB?

Paternity leave common in MLB, but nonexistent in NPB

Legends Sadaharu Oh, Shigeo Nagashima lead All-Time Japan All-Star Team

MLB injuries continue to rise despite advancements in training, treatment

My Top 10 favorite Japanese films of all time

Bob's Bullets - Jeff Kingston continues excellent study of Japan, Asia with most recent book

Slugging It Out In Japan - Chapter 1

Time Machine: East Meets West in the Japanese Game of Besuboru (Smithsonian Magazine - 1986)

New York bias is the reason Judge won MVP over Ohtani last season

Join me on Notes

A look back at some of my favorite yakuza films

Bob's Bullets - Remembering Rick Wolff, a man who was pivotal to my career success

How good is the Japan Self-Defense Force?

Bob's Bullets - Ryuichi Sakamoto was a gifted man with strong moral beliefs

The Book of Nomo - Chapter 9 - Pitch Counts

Plans for 'new' Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium an absolute disgrace

Bob's Bullets - The best team won the WBC

WBC title is great for Japan, but NPB needs to concentrate on enhancing its product going forward

Bob's Bullets - 'The Ones Left Behind: The Plight of Single Mothers in Japan' is a compelling documentary

Joe Pepitone had a brief, but colorful stint in Japan

Bauer interested in history of baseball in Japan

Trevor Bauer opts for a fresh start in Japan

Nightmare in the City of Ghosts - Tokyo Junkie Excerpt

Bob's Bullets ... Joining a lawsuit to stop demolition of Jingu Stadium

The Book of Nomo - Chapter 8 - Taking Stock of the Nomo Experiment

Bob's Bullets ... An era ends with the passing of Alonzo Shattuck

San Francisco Giants in best position to land superstar Ohtani as a free agent

Robert Whiting honored with SABR's prestigious Henry Chadwick Award

Twenty questions for Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike about Jingu Gaien – and what to watch out for in her answers at FCCJ press conference

Robert Whiting's Japan Podcast - Feb. 11 (New)

New book chronicles colorful history of Nichibei Yakyu tours

The Book of Nomo - Chapter 7 - The Road Home

Renovation, not destruction, the best solution for Jingu Stadium

Ambience of Jingu Stadium, surrounding area will be lost if new development proceeds

Bob's Bullets - Storm the Bastille

Election of Bass, Ramirez to Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame could open door for other foreign players

My plea to Tokyo Governor Koike to save Jingu Stadium

World Baseball Classic promises to be compelling viewing with superstars competing

Opinions split on Yoshida's chance for success after landing huge contract from Red Sox

Slaughter in Saitama adds to list of foreigners murdered in Japan, shines light on social issue

The Book of Nomo - Chapter 6 - Ichiro and the resurrection